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If you’re trying to find a website that provides information on Gift Nifty Live, you’ve come to the right spot. We will talk about the Gift Nifty in this article. We’ll also talk about the elements that influence the Gift Nifty’s pricing and discover how the SGX Nifty changed to become the GIFT Nifty. Thus, save yourself some time and begin reading the piece.

Known About Gift Nifty

Gift Nifty derivative product, which was traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange, was presented to the Nifty 50 index in India. Following its relocation to the NSE International Exchange (NSE IX) in Gandhinagar, India, the website caused significant disruptions to trade in the Indian financial markets.

Gift Institutional investors and hedge funds utilize Nifty Live as a tool to efficiently manage their exposure to the Indian stock market. Traders use the website to examine the dynamic changes in the index to forecast its future direction.

Features of Using Gift Nifty Live

You should be aware of Gift Nifty’s features and advantages before you begin trading online:

  • Enhanced Liquidity: Gift Nifty welcomes participation from overseas investors. As a result, it helps to facilitate spread reduction and easier trade.
  • Diversified portfolio: By expanding their holdings, traders and investors can reduce their risk exposure. They could also gain from transparent pricing execution if it means offering a fair trading environment.
  • Global Market Access: Traders and investors from all around the world may access the Indian stock market through this website. They can trade F&O since they have a longer trading window.
  • Forecasting and Hedging: Traders and investors may be able to make more informed decisions about the future course of the gift nifty live chart today with the assistance of this website.

Process to Trade with the Gift Nifty Live

Gift nifty live trading is not possible for Indian nationals since they are not allowed to trade derivatives outside of India.  If you are an investor from outside India or a non-resident Indian, you can take the following methods to trade: 

  • Gift Nifty requires the opening of a trading account. 
  • Once you’ve activated your trading account, look into Gift Nifty futures and put orders for purchases or sales. 
  • Trading intraday calls for the use of risk management techniques, such as stop-loss or cover orders.
  • You should always follow the guidelines provided by your stock broker and the Singapore Exchange.
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What are the Factors Affecting the Gift Nifty Live

The price of the stock goes up and down depending on several factors. Given below is the list of the factors affecting the gift nifty live:

  • Regulatory Changes: Modifications to the tax, market, and regulatory regulations of Singapore or India may affect the website. 
  • Commodity Prices: The gift nifty index includes companies in the mining, energy, and metals sectors. The website might be impacted by shifts in the price of commodities like gold, crude oil, or other metals.
  • Indian Markets: The website is immediately impacted by a variety of factors, including the performance of the NSE and its nifty index, as well as favorable or unfavorable developments in the market.
  • Global Markets: The sentiment of investors in the global financial markets also has an impact on the website. The trajectory of Gift Nifty is influenced by global political events, economic indicators, and market sentiment.

What is Gift Nifty Futures Importance?

Through Nifty 50 Futures contracts, Gift Nifty, also known as IFSC Nifty or SGX Nifty, allows international investors to take part in the IFSC-NSE Exchange. The NIFTY 50 settlement price on the NSE, the Indian stock market, determines the payment terms for these contracts. Investors may easily hedge their bets at any time because NSEIX permits Gift Nifty Futures trading for 21 hours. The present nifty live chart today offers another trustworthy indication as to when the Indian market will open for business the next day.

The Reason Why SGX Nifty Become GIFT Nifty

Traders may trade the SGX Nifty to gauge the condition of the market on that particular day before trading the Nifty. Trading in Nifty futures and options is permitted in Singapore under a license arrangement between the NSE and SGX Nifty.

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There was an increase in traffic at SGX Nifty as a result of giving local and foreign traders in Singapore a simpler option to trade futures contracts. More than a million contracts, including those from the Nifty 50 index, were reportedly traded each day. As a result, liquidity problems increased for the NSE’s Nifty 50 index. Furthermore, foreign investments in the Gift Nifty index fell while the SGX Nifty rose. In the end, SGX Nifty offered investors a considerably bigger window—16 hours—than the NSE, which offered a window of only 6 hours.

The Indian government was concerned about this and sought to ensure that the NSE continued to be the primary exchange for trading the present nifty index. India’s largest stock exchange, the NSE, represented the country’s financial strength. The government expressed worry about its continuing presence in the global financial market due to the gift nifty index’s waning potency.

As a result, the Indian government terminated the two nations’ partnership in 2018. In an attempt to fill the void caused by the agreement’s termination, SGX issued many derivatives that infringed against NSE’s intellectual property rights.

As a result, there was a dispute between the SGX and NSE that finally went to court. To settle the dispute peacefully, both sides consented to a 50:50 partnership and the conversion of the SGX into the GIFT Nifty. The five-year contract said that each partner would share the money 50/50 based on the type of business they each started. GIFT Nifty will receive 25% of new business developed in Singapore, while SGX would receive 75% of it. The website would receive 75% of the business generated by the International Finance Service Centre (IFSC), while SGX would receive 25%. Once the threshold volume was reached, the revenue would be divided 50:50 between the two parties.


Gift Nifty Live, formerly known as the SGX Nifty, has developed into a significant marketplace for traders and investors looking to access Nifty futures contracts on the Indian stock market outside of usual business hours. This tool provides insights into worldwide market patterns that might affect the mood of the Indian market by acting as a temporal connection between global markets and the Indian stock exchange. Part of GIFT City’s International Financial Services Centre, the GIFT Nifty showcases India’s efforts to create an environment conducive to global financial activity.

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